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My research interests include the economics of housing and real estate, urban economics, applied econometrics, and spatial statistics, among other topics.

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Molloy, Raven, Charles G. Nathanson, and Andrew Paciorek (2022) "Housing Supply and Affordability: Evidence from Rents, Housing Consumption and Household Location" (Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 129)

Laufer, Steven and Andrew Paciorek (2022) "The Effects of Mortgage Credit Availability: Evidence from Minimum Credit Score Lending Rules" (American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, Vol. 14, No. 1)

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Paciorek, Andrew (2016) "The Long and the Short of Household Formation" (Real Estate Economics, Vol. 44, No. 1.)

Paciorek, Andrew (2013) "Supply Constraints and Housing Market Dynamics" (Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 77.)

Paciorek, Andrew and Todd Sinai (2012) "Does Home Owning Smooth the Variability of Future Housing Consumption?" (Journal of Urban Economics, Vol. 71, No. 2.)

Blog Posts:

Garcia, Daniel, and Andrew Paciorek (2022) "The Remarkable Recent Rebound in Household Formation and the Prospects for Future Housing Demand" (FEDS Notes 2022-05-06)

Garcia, Daniel, and Andrew Paciorek (2022) "An Early Evaluation of the Effects of the Pandemic on Living Arrangements and Household Formation" (FEDS Notes 2020-08-07)

Aladangady, Aditya, Laura Feiveson, and Andrew Paciorek (2019) "Living at Home Ain't Such a Drag (on Spending): Young Adults' Spending In and Out of Their Parents' Home" (FEDS Notes 2019-02-05)

Lengermann, Paul, Norman Morin, Andrew Paciorek, Eugenio Pinto, and Claudia R. Sahm (2017) "Another Look at Residual Seasonality in GDP" (FEDS Notes 2017-07-28)

Gilbert, Charles, Norman Morin, Andrew Paciorek, and Claudia R. Sahm (2015) "Residual Seasonality in GDP" (FEDS Notes 2015-05-14)

Paciorek, Andrew (2015) "Where are the Construction Workers?" (FEDS Notes 2015-02-26)

Presentations and Interviews:

Morning Edition, NPR (2013) "Pent-Up Demand Is Boosting Home Sales, But Can It Last?"

Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta (2013) "What's the Story Behind Household Formations?"